OMAHOPS MONTHLY NEWS – September 2015  For those who couldn't make it, and for those who are not able to remember the events of the evening, I wrote a few things down:

The club jockey box is in the works, still in early stages but in the works according to President Miller. 

Don't forget about the multi-club event (I can't remember the name, some acronym though) at the German-American Society in November (date should be on our club website).  We will need volunteers to bring, pour and drink homebrew.  Great opportunity to network with other brewers in town, pick their brains, etc.

We have 3 members participating in a BJCP study group being led by Wayne.  They (Chris Miller and Jason)  have completed 3 of 10? study sessions so far.  Let's wish them the best of luck as there is always a need for judges at events and we will welcome the increased knowledge base into the club. 

We brought up the WWF as well.  If anyone would like to guage interest and organize one again, have at it.

Thanks to Luke for joining our little get together.  We hope to see you again.

Now for the beers:
Wayne - Cider, Oatmeal Stout
Jose - Octoale (Big Brew O-Fest with ale yeast)
Jason - Wet Hop IPA, Nut Brown, Big Brew Oktoberfest
Chris Miller - Dmitri's Revenge
Chip - Amber Ale
Brian - White House Honey Ale clone, Wet Hop Pale Ale, Big Brew Oktoberfest
Chris Masek (he didn't attend, only his beer made it) - Wet Hop IPA

It was interesting to note the difference in the wet hop ales brewed in mid-August.  The grain bills were the same (maybe some gravity differences) but the hopping schedules were unique.  We'll bring more to the big brew for the rest of you to sample.  Thank you to everyone who donated hops to the project.

Up next: Fall Big Brew!





  Big Brew – FALL

Tom Hawk


 BIG BREW Education event

<need volunteer>


  Scriptown – the transfer of homebrew techniques; important vs not important.

<need volunteer>


  Omaha Unified Coalition of Homebrewers

<need volunteer>


 December  9 –  Holiday beer exchange

<need volunteer>


 BJCP Study Group

<need volunteer>